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Thank you for considering publishing articles in our journal. Please read this page carefully before you click the link of Editorial Manager (EM) below to submit your manuscript.
Submission Guidelines:

A few other key points to notice:

1. The submission should consist of a blinded manuscript and a title page. If the files are not fit the standard request, our Assistant Editor will send the submission back to you. Please find the template download link below.

(1) The title page should contain the author's information and some declarations.

(2)The blinded manuscript should not contain author information. If abbreviations appear in the text, please add a list of abbreviations at the end of the text. 


2. Please make sure that the number of authors and their orders is confirmed. It will be complicated if you want to add or remove authors later.


3. The manuscript submitted to Built Heritage should be written in British spelling.

For example:

We use -sable, -sation, -sing, not -zable, -zation, -zing.  

We use single quotation marks (‘...’) instead of double ones ("...")  to enclose a quote.

If you’re writing a sentence that’s a quote, please close the quotation marks first, then write the period or comma.


4. The references should be Chicago Style (author-date system). Each citation in the main text should be listed in the References list, and vice versa—all the references in the list should occur in the main text as citations. 

References that have more than one author should follow the styles below:

Citations in the main text
Two authors: 
Smith and Jones (2012) or (Smith and Jones 2012)

Three authors:
 Smith, Jones, and Khan (2012) or (Smith, Jones, and Khan 2012)

Four or more authors:
Smith et al. (2012)
(Smith et al. 2012)

Reference list
Two authors:
Smith, John, and Jane Jones. 2012. B
ook Title: The Subtitle. Abingdon: Routledge.
Smith, J. J., and J. B. Jones. 2012. Book Title: The Subtitle. Abingdon: Routledge.

Three authors:
 Smith, John, Jane Jones, and Mary Green. 2012. Book Title: The Subtitle. Abingdon: Routledge.

Four to ten authors:
Give all authors’ names.

More than ten authors:
List the first seven authors followed by et al.



5.The source of the figure should be included in the figure's caption.


Please click and download the Title page template:



Please click and download the Blinded  manuscript template



Please click and download the Brief Handbook in Chinese for registration

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