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PAX: Patios de la Axerquia, Cordoba Fostering a Culture of Rehabilitation in a World Heritage City

Lecturer: Dr. Vito Redaelli

Milan Polytechnic, Studio Redaelli Speranza Architetti Associati


Associate Professor of Tongji University

Time:  15:30, 2018/06/27

Room: Room 214, Building B, CAUP 


After decades of real estate bubble, an indiscriminate occupation of land and an ownership culture, PAX-Patios de la Axerquía (2016-on going), project coordinated by SRSARCH, proposes in the city of Cordoba (Spain) an innovative operation of governance that fosters a change of urban model consistent: from speculation to the culture of rehabilitation. The path of a multilevel co-management between public administration and social economy is on the basis of the acquisition and using vacant houses and public space. The rehabilitation of the patio-houses of Axerquía, threatened by gentrification, means to restore the environmental value of the Mediterranean city and upgrade its history in contemporary key with citizenship: from its architectural value as UNESCO World Heritage site to its anthropological value as Intangible World Heritage. The PAX methodology was also re-adapted by SRSARCH in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ragusa, south Italy, with the project INhabitRAGUSA (2018), to reactivate the abandoned historic centre of the city.

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