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Executive Editor

Ph.D. Architect and Urban Planner, Professor at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University (China), Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Universities (Eastern Scholar). An expert in 20th century heritage studies and conservation, Prof. Gonzalez Martinez is the drafter of the Spanish National Plan of 20th Century Heritage Conservation for the Spanish Ministry of Culture. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS) and of the Scientific Committee of the Iberian Docomomo Foundation.


Committed with the research and dissemination of heritage architecture and urbanism, he is Executive Editor of the Built Heritage Journal, published by Tongji University Press. He has authored more than 80 publications, including books, book chapters, articles and book reviews. His works include the book In Light of Hilberseimer (awarded the Research Prize of the 2018 Spanish Architecture Biennale) and articles in top journals like Cities, the International Journal of Heritage Studies, the Journal of Urbanism, and Docomomo International Journal. He is also a referee for top journals like Cities, Urban Studies, Space and Culture, International Journal of Heritage Studies, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Architectural Science Review and Change Over Time.


He has coordinated research and dissemination projects in heritage architecture and urbanism, such as the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers (2008-2018) and the Register of 20th Century Architecture in Andalusia (2006-2009). He has directed international scientific meetings, such as the 2017 Conference on 20th Century Heritage and the Historic Urban Landscape in Madrid and the 2013 Iberian Docomomo Conference in Malaga. He has also been scientific coordinator of meetings, among them the 2019 Conference on Built Heritage Studies and the 2017 Conference on Built Heritage, both organized by Tongji University.



1. González Martínez, P. (2019). La intervención en el tejido residencial histórico del shikumen de Shanghái: Xintiandi como paradigma / Intervening in the historic residential tissue of the Shanghai shikumen: Xintiandi as a paradigm. Loggia 32, 22-33.
2. González Martínez, P. (2019). From Verifiable Authenticity to Verisimilar Interventions: Xintiandi, Fuxing SOHO, and the Alternatives to Built Heritage Conservation in Shanghai. International Journal of Heritage Studies 25:10, 1055-1072
3. González Martínez, P. (2017). Urban authenticity at stake: A new framework for its definition from the perspective of heritage at the Shanghai Music Valley. Cities 70, 55-64. 
4. González Martínez, P. (2017). Built heritage conservation and contemporary urban development: the contribution of architectural practice to the challenges of modernization. Built Heritage 1 (1), 14-25. 
5. González Martínez, P. (2016). Authenticity as a challenge in the transformation of Beijing's urban heritage: The commercial gentrification of the Guozijian historic area. Cities 59, 48-56.

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