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Reflections on Japanese Vernacular Architecture

Lecturer: Prof. Klaus Zwerger

Klaus Zwerger is a professor at the University of Technology in Vienna and Visiting Professor in Hosei University of Japan. His research focuses on traditional building techniques and particularly the comparative study of historic wood and he has conducted inspections and teaching work in Japan and China many times. His work Wood and Wood Joints—Building Traditions in Europe, Japan and China has been reprinted many times and has extensive influence in this field. Besides, professor Klaus has in-depth research on wooden architecture in southwest China, especially the Dong architecture, the book Vanishing Tradition: Architecture and Carpentry of the Dong Minority of China he published in 2006 has been highly influential on mainstream Chinese architectural tradition.

Host: Plácido González, Associate Professor of Tongji University

         Wang Hongjun, Associate Professor of Tongji University

Time:  19:00, 2018/09/12

Room: D2, Building D, CAUP 

Compared to the nobility's mansion, the "minka" is the residence of the Japanese ordinary class. Because of its diversity and internal differences, “minka” is difficult to define as a clear type of building. The lecture will mainly discuss the characteristics of the Japanese "minka", and through a series of cases, showing its exquisite and even complex construction features. What is the broad influence of “minka”? Why is this traditional residential style so powerful that it has continued and evolved into the mid-20th century? Prof. Klaus Zwerger will explain his views in the lecture.

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