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No.4 Volume 5 (2021) 


Earthen Architecture, an Endangered Vernacular Heritage

Throughout the centuries, earthen and vernacular architecture have revealed outstanding building cultures across the globe. This rich and unique architecture is expressed through different tangible expressions in distinct cultural regions. Nonetheless, for the last twenty years, even with the rising awareness for its protection, this fragile earthen and vernacular heritage is now at risk due to urban pressure, globalisation, and climate change. This Special Issue intends to share the exceptional heritage that is still witnessed in the five continents, and the challenges that this endanger heritage is facing to survive.

Mariana Correia And Gilberto Duarte Carlos

Introduction: Earthen Architecture, an Endangered Vernacular Heritage

Sebastien Moriset, Bakonirina Rakotomamonjy and David Gandreau

Can Earthen Architectural Heritage Save Us?

Jorge Tomasi and Julieta Barada

The Technical and the Social: Challenges in the Conservation of Earthen Vernacular Architecture in a Changing World (Jujuy, Argentina)

Camilla Mileto, Fernando Vegas López-Manzanares, Valentina Cristini and Lidía García Soriano

Earthen Architecture in the Iberian Peninsula: A Portrait of Vulnerability, Sustainability and Conservation

Tom Leiermann

Rehabilitation of Historic Shibam and Zabid, Yemen as an Impulse for Community and Economy

Ying Shu and Ying He

Research on the Historical and Cultural Value of and Protection Strategy for Rammed Earth Watchtower Houses in Chongqing, China

Rawiwan Oranratmanee and Pandin Ounchanum

Earthen–Wooden Hybrid Houses Built by the Dai in Dehong Prefecture, South China

Oussouby Sacko

The Involvement of Local Communities in the Conservation Process of Earthen Architecture in the Sahel-Sahara Region – The Case of Djenné, Mali

Benkari Naima

Community-Led Initiatives for the Rehabilitation and Management of Vernacular Settlements in Oman: A Phenomenon in the Making

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