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No.1 Volume 4 (2020) 


Applying a Landscape Perspective to Digital Cultural Heritage

Digital cultural heritage is shifting the focus from architectural settings to the landscape scale, with an overarching goal to improve how the recording, interpretation and storage of heritage information are conducted making it more detailed, complete, sustainable and accessible. This Special Issue has the goal to address the theoretical and technical challenges of digital cultural heritage through a diversity of topics that range from ethics to policies; from the documentation of natural territorial infrastructures to the conservation of wildlife habitats: an invitation to develop new ways of imagining heritage and its relationship to societies.

Qing Chang and Jian Zhou


Chen Yang and Kelly Greenop

Introduction: Applying a Landscape Perspective to Digital Cultural Heritage

Mario Santana Quintero, Reem Awad and Luigi Barazzetti

Harnessing Digital Workflows for the Understanding, Promotion and Participation in the Conservation of Heritage Sites by Meeting both Ethical and Technical Challenges

Sarah Karle and Richard Carman

Digital Cultural Heritage and Rural Landscapes: Preserving the Histories of Landscape Conservation in the United States

Chen Yang and Feng Han

A Digital Information System for Cultural Landscapes: The Case of Slender West Lake Scenic Area in Yangzhou, China

Stanislav Roudavski and Julian Rutten

Towards More-than-human Heritage: Arboreal Habitats as a Challenge for Heritage Preservation

Chris Landorf

'digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS, a Landscape Perspective' International Conference Report

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