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Imagining the Rural Future: Adaptation of a Mountain Village for New Challenges


This joint design workshop will explore the future of rural heritage in China. Focusing on the mountainous area of Fujian, the workshop will imagine and develop research-led design strategies for the future adaptation and development of small villages and their surroundings. Jukou County of Fujian Province is National Ecological County with diversified cultural heritage and protected built environment.


The workshop will coincide with the CHINA Yanping Art Harvest (2018-Nov-03 ~2019-Feb-03). The Yanping Art Harvest aims for the revitalization of rural villages with art and design projects and interventions. Considering this background, this workshop will research on a better understanding of the local environment, and propose sustainable design strategies in the village context. Students from senior levels (Y3/Y4/Master) are invited to join the workshop and to develop concepts for architectural interventions, public art installations and regeneration strategies to revitalize the built environment within its rural landscape.

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