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Applications of Non-Destructive Tests for Diagnosis of Heritage Buildings:
Case Studies from Singapore and Malaysia

Chung Wan Wong

MAEK Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore

ABSTRACT  Non-destructive tests have been increasingly used in historic buildings not only for pre-restoration investigation but also as useful tools to evaluate the effectiveness of eventual interventions. These tests can complement and supplement destructive tests like laboratory analysis of extracted samples as long as a sound sampling plan has been put in place to commensurate with the pattern and extent of dilapidation and materials distribution.  Common methods employed in projects in Singapore include the infrared thermography, ground penetrating radar, microwave moisture tomography and ultrasonic pulse echo tomography. Case studies demonstrating the applications of the various techniques for identification of hidden details, moisture detection and identification of defects and deterioration are discussed.

KEYWORDS  non-destructive tests, infrared thermography, radar, ultrasonic pulse echo, microwave

Received December 27, 2018; accepted February 3, 2019.

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