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Qing CHANG is a professor at College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an Honor Fellow of AIA. As a former head (2003-2014) of the Architecture Department, CAUP, he is one of the prominent Chinese scholars in the field of traditional architecture and built heritage conservation and regeneration. Based on historical study with comparative and anthropological perspectives, his researches and practices persist in discovery and revitalization of the values of traditional architecture and Chinese culture. Starting from the 1980s, during master and doctoral period in Beijing and Nanjing, he started his early research focusing on architecture and heritage along the ancient Silk Roads in Western China and central Asia. After moving to Shanghai, he gradually broadened his heritage researches in the last two decades, from the ancient to more recent, from conservation to regeneration, from urban artifacts in the semi-colonial period of Shanghai, to the vernacular remains in China as a whole. He has designed many well-known architecture and heritage projects; and won a series of domestic and international awards for the efforts to bridge the past, present and future developments. Prof. CHANG is also the leading advocator and educator of heritage preservation. He is the founder of the first Historic Preservation Bachelor Program in China, and the chair professor of the Historic Preservation academic and professional team in Tongji CAUP.

Grants and Awards:

1. Top Prize, National Book Awards, State Administration of Press and Publication of China, 1999
2. Second Prize, Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Education, China, 2004
3. Gold of Holcim Award, Asia Pacific in Sustainable Construction, Holcim Foundation, 2005
4. Distinguished Professor Award of Shanghai Universities, Shanghai Municipal Government, 2007
5. First Prize of Architectural Design, Shanghai Society of Architecture, 2008
6. FAIA, American Institute of Architects, 2009
7. UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award, Honorable Mention, 2010
8. First Prize in Survey and Design, China Society of Survey and Design, 2011
9. First Prize in Survey and Design, Ministry of Education, China, 2011
10. Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanghai Municipal Government, 2014


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8. CHANG, Qing. Evolution of  Peak Palace-Fortress in Tibet: Reappearance of Sangzhutse Palace-Fortress and Design of the Museum. Tongji University Press, 2015.

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