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The SESC Project Lina bo Bardi 1986 Paulo Mendes da Rocha 2017 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lecturer: Prof. Carlos Eduardo COMAS

Architect,  Federal University Rio Grande do Sul Brazil


Associate Professor of Tongji University

Time:  15:30, 2018/06/20

Room: D3 lecture hall, Building D, CAUP 



SESC is a non-profit private institution focused on the wellbeing of Brazilian commerce employees. SESC is famous for the social and architectural quality of its units, big clubs aspiring to be social condensers. They feature recreational and educational spaces open to the public, besides offering health services for its members. Outstanding examples are SESC Pompeia (1976-86) by Lina Bo Bardi, which included the recycling of an early 20th Century drum factory, and SESC 24 de Maio (2000-2017) by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, which included the recycling of a 1930s department store.
The lecture will present and compare the two projects, with particular attention to their conversion of ordinary existing building into city patrimony.              

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