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9th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice

Development and Heritage: Present, Past, Future


This conference builds on previous conferences on urban space and social life and seeks to explore contested issues that link development to (tangible and intangible) heritage. New construction and developments in and between rural and urban regions affect the preservation and creation of heritage. Issues of gentrification, infrastructure improvment, population growth, (im)migration, shifting geopolitical-economic order such as Brexit, Visegrad Group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and so on create both contestation or conflict and social conhesion. As change and continuity in the built environment and nature heritage remain vibrant foci of research in the social sciences and humanities in terms of multi-and interdisciplinary engagement, this conference brings together scholars and practitioners to explore these relationships and connections as part of human development. Research papers, case studies, policy proposals, photo essays pretaining to these topics within the context of heritage are welcome.


The conference invites submissions on any topic that relates to development/ social change, rural/ rural space, social life from all disciplines.


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