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1. Vernacular Heritage Conservation in the Process of Social Transformation

As a product of traditional society and traditional construction system, vernacular heritage embodies the wisdom of mankind in its adaptation to the geographical and climatic conditions of the residential area. The local geographical, climatic, cultural features create an accordingly unique vernacular settlement and cultural landscape. Under the big background of globalization, China is currently experiencing the fastest modernization and social transformation ever. This transformation is challenging or will challenge the diverse vernacular cultures and social practices, ranging both from coastal areas to inland and rural to urban areas. 

With the social and economic changes and development, the vernacular heritages are disappearing or under great changes with the conversion of the historical function of lots of vernacular architecture. The large-scale urbanization has caused great emigration from the countryside areas, which has resulted in many social issues such as aging problems. Those have created many challenges for the protection and sustainable development of the vernacular heritage.

Those challenges include: how to use the modern scientific and technological achievements to preserve and renovate the vernacular heritage; how to embody the traditional wisdom in modern architecture; how to make innovation in vernacular heritage protection  with protection as the basic principle; how to handle properly the relationship between vernacular heritage protection and local economic development; how to carry out the heritage protection with the view of local sustainable development through according planning, policies and regulations, which has increasing importance in vernacular heritage protection.

Sub-theme 1: Conservation, Management and Utilization of Vernacular Heritage

The topic covers the conservation, management and revitalization of vernacular heritage, as well as thematic discussions on value accessment systems and constituent elements.

Subtheme 2: Preservation and Inheritance of Traditional Craftsmanship

With the rapid modernization and urbanization in China for more than thirty years, the traditional craftmanship and construction techniques of vernacular architecture are in decay and becoming endangered -- for the various types of the traditional craftmanship and construction techniques of vernacular architecture in different regions with the outstanding characteristics, it calls for a systematic collecting, sorting and evaluation.

Subtheme 3: Vernacular Villages and the Large Archaeological Sites

This topic is about the preservation and utilization of large archaeological sites that are juxtaposed, overlapping and adjacent with the vernacular villages.

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