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2018 Tongji CAUP International Summer School

Rehabilitation of Built Heritage in Urban Transformation


Huzhou, Shanghai 5th Aug - 15th Aug

                                                     Call for Applications

General Information

Chinese cities have experienced a rapid urbanization process during the past 30 years. Due to the transformation of the mode of urbanization and the changes of public perception, the built heritage has progressively become a symbol of the local traditional culture and of the potential of future urban development.
The Tongji Summer School of 2018 has heritage as a main theme. It aims to discuss how the built heritage should be understood and revitalized in our current cities, in order to show how the time dimension that lies in memory can be part of our future urban lives.
From 5th Aug to 15th Aug, 28 students and eight professors will work in Huzhou and Shanghai, working in the rehabilitation design of four groups of historic buildings in the traditional water town environment of the Yangtze River delta area of China. A series of lectures will provide more theoretical and technical thinking of preservation and rehabilitation of built heritage today.


The 2018 Tongji Summer School has chosen the sites of Nanxun town and Lianshi town, which are located in the South of Tai Lake, in the central area of the Yangtze River delta. Richly endowed by nature, this area was one of the most developed areas throughout Chinese history. This process has left abundant samples of built heritage and cultural accumulation. These old towns have maintained their main spatial structure during the past decades of urbanization and are recognized today as tourism destinations.


5th Aug, Register
6th Aug-10th Aug, Site work in Nanxun Town and Lianshi Town
10th Agu-15thAug, Shanghai workshop



Open to registered students of Architecture, Conservation and Interior Design
Open to registered students from undergraduate to graduate
CV, Introduction of works, Recommendation letter by professor are required
Due date: 20th June
Email address for application:
Approved applicants will informed by email before 30th June

Financial Support

Accommodation, food and beverage fee in Summer school will be covered.. 


Chang Qing, Professor of Tongji University, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Benjamin Mouton, Hon.Professor of Ecole de Chaillot, France. Hon. Chief Inspector, Ministry of Culture Historic Monuments Service, France.
Dai Shibing, Professor of Tongji University

Joseph Aranha, Professor of Texas Tec University, USA
Zhang Peng, Associate Professor of Tongji University
Wang Hongjun, Associate Professor of Tongji University
Plácido González Martínez, Associate Professor of Tongji University



Ms Xu Juan, Ms Zheng Yun (work time 9:00am-16:00pm)
Tel: +86-21-65982420

Organized by

CAUP, Tongji University
Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication
Huzhou Cultural Relics Bureau
Huzhou Nanxun District Government
Academic Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage, Architectural Society of China

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